Virtual Training Workshops

We are here to help you adopt and adapt to the new world of selling.

2020 has forced us all to adapt.

We recognize that the usual training and development needs are on pause or have shifted dramatically.

To meet this need we have developed a series of virtual workshops for sales professionals at every level.

These workshops are designed to help leaders support their sales organization, help managers motivate their team while continuing to deliver results, and encourage sales reps to adapt their sales strategies and adopt new tactics for selling and building business relationships in a virtual world.

Time Management

Time management for sales professionals starts with aligning your goals and sales activities. You need to understand how to prioritize and pivot to be most productive.


Whether you're prospecting by phone, email, social, or in-person, you need excellent communication skills to craft a compelling value proposition that increases response rates and conversions.

Meeting Preparation

To be successful in sales, you need to have great first meetings. That starts by learning how to effectively prepare for every meeting.


Determining whether a lead is a good fit for your product, service, or solution will save you time, money, and effort. You need to learn the first-and-second-level questions to uncover the opportunity faster.

Objection Handling

Don't let objections, questions, or concerns from your buyers stop you in your tracks. You can handle anything thrown your way when you prepare and practice using the right approach.


When delivering a demo or presentation, you have to capture your audience. That means you need to be prepared, the material needs to be personalized, and you need to propose a clear plan of action.

Ready to take your sales skills to the next level?

We can customize virtual workshops to deliver in  60-to-90-minute sessions with topics personalized to your specific needs.

Our virtual workshops have two parts: Part 1 is our presentation of the content. Part 2 is for discussion and role-play practice to apply what you've learned.

We can create a virtual workshop series with the 5-10 topics of your choice, which can be delivered every week, every other week, once a month, or quarterly.