Thinking Differently about Sales & Marketing

Food for Thought is our new podcast series created for all of you salespeople, sales managers, and marketing professionals out there to listen to during your lunch break.

Food for Thought v1


Lunch. Learn. Laugh.

Each session will give you a week’s worth of new ideas as well as action steps you can begin immediately – turning your lunch break into a rapid recharge to inspire your next sales move. 

Listen to the first 10 episodes in order – when combined, they are a FREE 10-step “advanced sales” workshop!

Here's a sneak peak into the first 10-episodes:

  • More Sales, Easier
  • Why You Need (New) Sales Skills
  • The Psychology of Selling: Rethinking the Way You Sell
  • The Game of Sales: Changing Sales Outcomes
  • Selling in a Digital World
  • Jump-Starting Your Sales Creativity
  • How to Be Your Own Sales Coach and Cheerleader
  • "Let's Play Pretend"
  • Setting Your Sights on Big Scary Sales Goals
  • Reduce Risk by Adapting a Pipeline-Driven Mindset

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