Sales Playbook


The Ultimate Inbound Marketing & Sales Playbook

Selling to inbound leads is different. Are you ready?

Sales no longer controls the flow of information in the buying process, the customer does. This change has significantly influenced the role of sales and marketing, and has increased the need to align their efforts.

Sales teams with inbound marketing skills thrive because they understand how to convert marketing and sales qualified leads into warm opportunities. Whether you're just getting started or you're well on your way to maximizing inbound marketing, our playbook is your quick-start guide to converting more of those opportunities.

You'll learn the essentials of inbound marketing and sales including:

  • The Benefits of Inbound Marketing
  • How to Approach Website Optimization & SEO
  • How to Get Email Marketing Right
  • How to Get Started with Social Media
  • The Basics of Content Creation
  • The Website's Role in the Sales Funnel
  • How to Approach Inbound Leads via Email
  • Using Social Media for Sales
  • Using Content to Delight & Renew Customers
  • And more!

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