Meet the Digital Media Training Team

DMTraining (DMT) exists to inspire sales professionals so they can be more successful and love what they do.

We make it happen through ongoing training, coaching, and customized playbooks.

All of which results in increased sales activity, improved pipeline management, shortened sales cycles, enhanced skill-sets, and better relationships with prospects, clients, and teammates.

Steve Bookbinder

CEO, Digital & Sales Trainer

Bill Acker

VP of Sales & Sales Trainer

Alejandra Constanza

Training Assistant & Coordinator

Molly Protosow

COO & Training Strategist


Our Partners

We work with a number of different training, technology, and business partners who provide complementary services to help you accelerate your sales pipeline, develop your people, and grow your business.

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Creative Training Solutions (CTS) is a unique training company dedicated to helping salespeople understand that sales is not about selling a product or service. Sales is about helping people achieve what they are trying to accomplish. 


Methods in Motion is a Sales Training and Advisory Company that helps clients achieve measurable increases in sales. Methods in Motion uses dynamic, interactive, face-to-face training workshops to help sales teams implement and sustain measurable improvements in the most critical aspects of sales.   

Sales Virtual powers your sales team's performance through best-practice training content delivered every week to your team.

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IMPACT wants to help you grow your marketing, sales, business, & career. From our articles, shows, and educational resources to their consultative agency services and live events, they want to help make your professional vision a reality no matter where you’re starting.

ADP brings together both online and print Directory Publishers. Offering a broad spectrum of educational, information-sharing and networking opportunities.

Take your professional skills to the next level with free, online training from HubSpot AcademyFrom quick, practical courses to comprehensive certifications, learn everything you need to know about the most sought-after business skills.





BestWork DATA is a blueprint of how an individual thinks, learns, and behaves. This set of DATA comes from a 25-minute questionnaire measuring hard-wired personality traits. The DATA describes how an individual's specific capabilities show up in a job, relationship, team setting, or leadership role. Learning about one's DATA is a positive experience. Awareness creates growth, confidence, and strengthens communication between people.


Noll & Associates began in 1978 as an independent group of business development specialists for media and sponsorship sales clients. The Noll Organization Performance Group was created in 1997 to provide companies with industry specific organization development and management consulting.

The Italian Showroom is the world's first showroom created by the leading Italian manufacturers to showcase their products & brands and connect with distributors manufacturers and retailers operating in Asia-Pacific.


See what our clients are saying...

“The training was extremely relevant to our everyday lives at the station as digital becomes a bigger and bigger piece of the pie.  As broadcast sellers, we are continuously challenged with incorporating digital on every transaction and only viewed as TV sellers.”

“The training allowed me to re-evaluate how I manage my clients/pipeline.  It helped me to truly focus on the stage I am in with my client or potential prospect.”

“Training provided important questions to ask and demonstrated how to handle specific objections in a meaningful way that related specifically to selling digital.”

Our client's story about how we created and delivered a comprehensive training experience focused on improving the quality and quantity of the sales pipeline as well as support management’s goal of increasing sales efficiency and ability to position the Stylus solution more effectively.




Our client's story about how we created and delivered a comprehensive annual training experience focused on improving the quality of the sales pipeline.