Meet the Digital Media Training Team

Since our founding in 2009, our goal has been to help organizations win more sales by gaining knowledge and confidence. We've helped hundreds of sales teams fine-tune their abilities and exceed their budgets.

Steve Bookbinder

CEO, Digital & Sales Trainer

Marisa Pensa

Sales Trainer

Kennen Williams

Media & Sales Trainer

Robin Koocher

Social Media & Marketing Trainer

Bill Acker

VP of Sales & Sales Trainer

Jennifer Clark

Content Marketing & Social Media Intern

Kevin Brody

Digital & Sales Trainer

Rita Williams

Sales Trainer

Molly DePasquale

Sales Training Strategist & Operations Manager

Paul Accinno

Digital & Sales Trainer

Merit Gest

Sales Trainer

Brittany Bookbinder

Improv Trainer

See what our clients are saying...

“The training was extremely relevant to our everyday lives at the station as digital becomes a bigger and bigger piece of the pie.  As broadcast sellers, we are continuously challenged with incorporating digital on every transaction and only viewed as TV sellers.”

“The training allowed me to re-evaluate how I manage my clients/pipeline.  It helped me to truly focus on the stage I am in with my client or potential prospect.”

“Training provided important questions to ask and demonstrated how to handle specific objections in a meaningful way that related specifically to selling digital.”

Our client's story about how we helped train their remote sales team through our online reinforcement program.